Conscious Paws offers mindful services of animal communication, wellness coaching and conscious pet care.

The intent of our healing services is to foster the well-being of pets and mindful inter-species relationships (specifically animal and human) through insightful deep listening of the body-mind, heart and soul, whether in personal consultations or educational services.

Our services embrace compassion, grace, and generosity.

  • Wellness Coaching
  • Training for Dogs & Cats
    (puppy, anxiety, behavior)
  • Energy Healing
  • Animal Communication
  • Medical Intuition
  • Conscious Touch (massage, energywork…)
  • Flower Essence Therapy

Communication and healing incorporate guidance from Spirit and convey telepathic messages, voicing that which is traditionally unacknowledged and unheard in the modern world.  We also  provide education to both animal and owner, empowering the inner healer and communicator to awaken and emerge from within, fostering mental, physical, emotional, spiritual balance–our prayer for all beings.

In traditional languages…Aztec, Mayan, Quechua…you talk to the Earth, you talk with birds and animals with their same voice, with the same heart…There is nothing strange about this because we are part of the same creation.
And if the creation is part of everything around, below, and above you, then by communicating you are extending yourself and expanding yourself to the point where you actually become the eagle, the jaguar, the flower, the roots, the tree [the star].
You don’t separate yourself as a human and merely intellectualize your connection and relationship to the rest of creation.
~Aztec Mazati

-Dog walking
-Cat Sits/Visits
-ELDER pet care
-Vacation/holiday overnights
-Nail clipping

Visits may include giving meds, fluids, shots, as well as feeding and nourishing your pet, taking in mail, watering plants, etc.We have extensive experience caring for aging cats, helping puppies adjust to new homes and the process of regular walks, age appropriate, and basic to complex care needs.

-Adoption, Rescue & Puppy (helping pet adjust to new environment)
-All the basics
-Anxiety (hyper barking, stress, walking challenges, etc).

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Here for pet-sitting
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