Communication & Healing


If we talk to the animals, they will talk with us and we will know each other. If we do not talk to them, we will not know them and what we do not know we fear.

And what we fear we destroy.

~Chief Dan George

Animal Communication helps with: Behavioral Problems, Emotional Imbalances, Health Issues, Animals in Transition and Grief/Loss
Animal Communication is the ability to intuitively or psychically commune with another being whether human, animal, insect, or tree, even those on the other side, AND interpret the feelings and thoughts without the use of spoken words.  Animal communication credits animals with the ability to feel emotions, express intelligence, and consciously communicate.

When humans begin to see, hear, feel, smell and touch with their intuitive faculties, the deepest compassion and wisdom awakens.  Animals, and all living things, sense this.  From this space, we can consciously relate with the beings in our midst, forming sacred trusts, and deepening them.

Look at animals kindly, and they see (and definitely notice).  Talk to the animals gently, and they will listen.  ~Anthony Douglas Williams

How Does Telepathy Work?
All beings are storehouses of information.  This information is stored in our energy bodies (the chakra system, the nervous system and cellular makeup).  Similar to how data is stored on a computer hard drive, our thoughts, feelings, and experiences (stored data) express via vibrational patterns.  These vibrational resonances are easily read and translated by one who is awakened and attuned to the natural world, and who hears and speaks without use of the spoken word.  This is called telepathy or clairvoyance.

What Does a Communication Session Entail?
I work will clients over the phone.  Sometimes in person.  Over the phone the pet owner and I converse about whatever their concerns or questions are.  I ask several standard questions and then put the phone down while the owner sits in quiet mindfulness.  I connect with their animal.  I introduce myself to the pet and then converse for a short or extended period of time, depending on the animal’s personality and nature of the questions asked.

Then I directly convey the information I have received in a collaborative dialogue between the animal, owner and myself.  Most sessions require a 1/2 hour time frame.  Some sessions are shorter while others longer, based on the issues presenting and the owner and animals open-mindedness and willingness.

Hands On & Distance Healing
Hands on healing, and distance Qi Gong energy healing is available with animal communication sessions.  Over the years of practicing bodywork, healing, and mediumship my work with animals and people has refined to a higher level of healing, therefore being in the physical presence of an animal or person is not necessary for healing to occur, although in certain cases hands-on presence is important.

Fees & Scheduling
1/2 hour session minimum–$75, with every fifteen minutes thereafter.

To schedule an appointment please CONTACT me via email or by phone 301-825-9833.


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