About Wendy

Local, National & International Trusted Resource
Wendy Groomes passionately shares her gifts with the world as an animal communicator, energy healer, wellness consultant, coach and pet-sitter.  Since childhood she’s been in deep kinship with nature and animals.  When her abilities consciously awakened in 1989 she experienced direct connection with her deceased grandmother, and mother.  These experiences pushed her evolutionary edge, stretching her to consciously commune with the intangible.

Attending massage school (1994) primed the pump to begin practice in the healing arts.  Wendy worked solely with people before assisting holistic veterinarians in their clinics and on a referral basis (1999).  There she provided technician assistance, therapeutic massage, energywork, basic Tellington-Touch, flower essence therapy consultations, medical intuition, nutritional and supplemental counseling, and grief-transition support for animals and their guardians.

Ever since then she has been blessed to care for thousands of animals through her pet-sitting services and from a distance as an intuitive, using the art of animal communication and energy healing to assist pets emotionally, mentally, and physically, and to support their guardians to address tragic loss, transition and health and wellness issues, creating emotional balance, and helping lost pets return home.

Wendy loves all things spiritual, healing, furry, fun and friendly.  She enjoys gardening, painting, cooking, dancing, swimming, writing, and being an advocate for the natural world.

Additionally, Wendy worked as a Senior Sales Associate at The Big Bad Woof in Takoma Park, DC (2008-2012).  There she managed the supplement section, educated customers and staff regularly about whole food nutrition and natural wellness, while assisting animals and their guardians to live in balance and harmony.

Wendy also has a Health & Wellness Coaching practice for people.  You can find out more about her evolutionary coaching practice at here (Lemon Balm Cafe Coaching).


  • MA, Health & Wellness Coaching, specializing in Integrative Nutrition-MUIH 2016
  • Graduate Certificate Herbal Studies, MUIH 2018
  • BA, Holistic Studies, Spirituality & Religion-UI&U 2010
  • Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, 1995
  • Certified Process Oriented Bodywork (Somatic Trauma Recovery), 1998
  • Certified Canine Massage & Integrated-Touch Therapy, 2000
  • Certified Bach Flower Essence Therapist, 2010
  • Tellington-Touch Intro Training, 2003
  • Certified Qi-Gong Instruction, 2000