Walks, Visits & More…

dog-blueTrusted for close to TWENTY years for our experience caring for and nurturing animals. Our services provide:

Mid-day dog walks and visits for

Reptiles (some)

We care for aging pets daily, weekly and for vacation-overnight stays.  Visits/stays include walks, feeding, litter, fluids, meds, plant care, overall care for your home.

We cover most of Montgomery County, and NW DC. We are trained in healing modalities and in veterinary assistance. We nourish your pets in heart, mind, body and soul during your time away from home.

We look forward to caring for your pets.


Pet-Sitting Fees:
$20-$25 for 30 minute visit or walk,
based on number of dogs/pets and needs.

Overnights (call for rates)

$50 for massage and energy work
$25 if added-on to visit

All potential assignments are subject to consultation and initial meeting to assure we are the best match for your animal household.

Please call for multi-animal quote. Fees determined based on discussion, location and initial meeting.



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