webshotYou’ve got a gift girl, thank you for making it available! This is just a note to thank you for your healing services.  They work!

I want to share that since my pet communication phone session with you, Cloe, the foster cat I am caring for has made a wonderful shift. Cloe has just come up to me and is lying right next to me, relaxing while I pet her and work at my desk!

Yes, this is the same cat that wouldn’t be touched or held and was snarling so much that I was worried that she had rabies! It seems after being listened to and hearing my concerns, that she is now able to receive the love being offered to her and we are finding peace in our relationship with each other.  The flower essences you suggested also seemed right on target.  RW, Columbia, MD

Thanks Wendy! Btw, Sable has def been mellow since you ‘talked’ with her…I’ve got the feeling that Reiki you also did was really good for her.  She hasn’t been bothering Sunshine at all.  I’m frankly amazed at the change in Sable.  It’s really cool!

Thank you again for ALL your help and expertise.  I am still blown away!   I am in awe and appreciation for the information that there is a direct connection between Mo-Haven and my daughter.  After your reading, there has been a remarkable improvement in Mo-Haven.  She has come around a lot more and allowed me to pet her.  I have been giving her a lot of positive strokes and telling her how pretty she is.

The cats are doing remarkably well and so is my daughter.  Mojo will still periodically decide to terrorize Mohaven but not as frequently.  And I remind him about his new role when he does.  One strange thing, Bandit (the old male cat), decided to pick on Mohaven a few times, which he has never done.  But that seems to have been short lived.  The really good news is there has been no more peeing in the living room!  Thank you again Wendy.  Much Appreciation, Trish

IMG_1040Thank you for your reading and tips. They were spot on and have helped us tremendously. Here, nearly a month later, he is calmer and more in his own body and at peace.  

I wanted to send you the first picture of Laddie from his previous/birth family. He seems stressed even in this pic and it would have been right around his first visit to the vet.

Thank you for also linking our soul connection [mine and Laddie’s]….and yes the years 27-29 are playing out big time for me at this point. I am sure we will see you again!

“Wendy was phenomenal working with us and our puppy. We called her initially because of a reaction he was having after being vaccinated. She gave so much more than we could have known beforehand. She was kind, patient, wise, skilled,  intuitive and profoundly insightful. She was able to give us so many pieces of the puzzle in our puppies healing and we now have a happy, peaceful, healthier and well adjusted family member and companion. She really honored all of us in the process also. I would highly recommend her to anyone with a pet. Having Wendy’s insight and input have helped us in a way that will play out over many years.”  Thanks again and blessings.
Much love, Aellyn

Wendy’s animal communication skills are top-notch.  I have used her over the past several years to help with several of my cats.  Her ability to tap into the animal’s higher self was instrumental in helping me make decisions when my beloved pets were sick, or getting ready to make their transition.  Wendy provided both physical and spiritual information that was of great benefit to both me and my pet.

My cats could sense Wendy’s love of animals and compassion, and were immediately at ease with her.  Furthermore, Wendy was always very generous with her time, and also very flexible, and made the effort to come on short notice when my pets were in a critical state.  She was also able to use energy healing on my pets to help ease their pain and discomfort.  I would highly recommend her as an animal communicator!
Marsha of Gaithersburg

Hi Wendy I just wanted to tell you about Hennrietta. I have faithfully been giving her the Bach tincture you gave me for her, and in this past week or so she has made an outstanding turn-around. Instead of running away when I feed her, and flinching every time I try and pet her, she now comes over to me, and I can snuggle and kiss her head and she wants more! 🙂

I can’t thank you enough for your help, and I hope we can continue to stay connected and I can learn more!  Thank you!  Sincerely, Pranam Bai


Wendy your facilitation of the animal communication class was greatly appreciated.  I felt immediate healing transformation, and deeper connection to Noah than ever before.  He is truly teaching me deep gratitude, joy, playfulness and caring in every moment of our days together.

The clinic was very helpful starting us on a healing plan.  Now he is going much better; he has more energy to live and play.  And I feel more hope.  They are treating it as a tumor/cancer case, which I deeply need to accept and open my heart to the spirit world completely.  Blessings, Agnes

560076_539920942694699_1544679342_nWendy, I just want to thank you again for the consult. You have a special gift, so keep doing what you are doing!  The affects on Flannel, and on us, have been pretty remarkable.

We are talking with her more now and telling her what is what. She is responding more with climbing into laps and bringing us presents from Mother Nature. It’s quite the turn around on both sides (animal and human.) . Most appreciative, Carol Fitzpatrick

Jake 5-12Thank you so much for helping me with all my kitties.  Your talking to them has helped me understand them so much better and my relationship with them has become so much deeper.

I remember when I first asked you to talk to little Jake after I had taken him in because he was peeing on my bed and in other places for a number of days in a row. I was very skeptical whether it would work and yet, 20 minutes after you talked to him I let him into the bedroom and – lo and behold! he did not urinate on the bed. Since then, he has been a most loyal (and digging!) user of the litter box and has never “gone” anywhere else. I think that fact speaks for itself!”
A.T., Washington, DC

Wendy, thank you so much for the not-so-mini session at the Pathways Expo.
It’s always a treat to have assistance in communicating with our parrots, Kitty and Phoenix.  I ordered the flower essences that you suggested—while the essences have not yet arrived, we did pick up some millet and both birds love it as a daily treat.  I have noticed a slight positive change in Kitty, such that he seems a little bit happier and even a bit more engaging.

Phoenix still has moments of random screeching, but we are trying to exercise her a bit more… imagine wing flapping from our fingers, the running of the conure (across the floor), and a little game of toss the conure. She sure enjoys the attention! Do you, by chance, assist others in improving their ability to tune into animals? If so, I’m very interested.  Thanks again and best wishes! J.R.


Wendy, you played an extremely important role in my life at what was probably the most painful and difficult time I have ever endured. I know that it was because of you, your caring energy that I emerged whole and that my life with Linda ultimately found its path to enduring love.  Thank you.

With love and gratitude, Bennett